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Willsons Sponsor a Football Team

We recently sponsored Friends of Holy Trinity School Football Team.
Scott Wrigley’s (Our Production Supervisor at Newark) often takes part in a lot of charity events for Friends of Holy Trinity, so he though it would be a good idea to get the school kit done for them,  which Willsons kindly agreed to. The school haven’t had a new kit for years and the old one was looking very tired, they managed to get a grant for the kit and we did the logos and numbers for free!
This was a perfect opportunity to start using our Willsons 150 Year logo which will be used throughout the whole of next year.
The school team christened the shirts with a 4-2 win and are unbeaten all season! Here is a picture of the boy in their new School Football kit and a snippet from the school newsletter.
fernwood-foxes photo-2-1 photo-2

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